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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dr. Weaver presentation and consultations at European ADHD Conference

Dr. Robert A. Weaver, III, Ph.D., founder and Director of Weaver Center will speak at the ADHD-Europe Conference, MIA Conference Center, 40 Rue Washington, 1040 Brussels.

Educator, advocate, and clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Weaver will present two sessions at the annual conference. “Teaching Our Students to Ask for What They Need: Self Advocacy and Self-Esteem” and "Personal Experiences with Dyslexia: Critical Ingredients for Success" are the topics of the presentations.

The Self Advocacy Method (SAM), developed by Dr. Weaver, uses an individual’s strengths, challenges, and compensatory strategies to develop Self Advocacy Skills. Self-esteem and feelings of empowerment increase as self advocacy skills are attained. The SAM program is adaptable for parents, students, and teachers, as well as pediatricians, psychologists, social workers, and other professionals.

Dr. Weaver welcomes schools, families, individuals, and/or professionals for webinars and Skype education and consultation. He has extensive experience with client relationships via international communication from the United States. Dr. Weaver conducts teacher training workshops, consult on school admissions, and help with challenging children in families and schools. Consultations and workshops are scheduled for one and a half hours, half day, or full day in the home, the school, or businesses, on a one-time or weekly basis.

State-of-the-art, non-medical therapies include:
- Education on strengths and liabilities of individuals with suspicion or diagnosis of a learning disability
- System of Fair Exchange: a behavior program to manage classroom and/or home stress
- Cognitive Dichotomy Therapy: focusing on increasing self reliance, responsibility, and independence
- Self-Advocacy/School Advocacy, which improves self-esteem, productivity, and success

Dr. Weaver offers a free half hour consultation
to anyone who responds to this flyer before 15 September.
Appointments in Belgium are available 23-25 September, 2010,
or prior to the conference via Skype.
To schedule, contact Carolyn Case at ccase@weavercenter.org

Dr. Weaver would like to thank you in advance for attending the ADHD-Family Resources Belgium Annual Conference and Joanne Norris for all the wonderful work she has done on behalf of the children, young adults, families, and schools that work with individuals with learning strengths and challenges.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Are your children struggling to complete their summer reading assignments? Have they started their summer reading?

Weaver Center’s tutors have space available to help students set goals and get the reading completed. Students will learn about character and plot development, point of view, making predictions, and how to summarize. They will also prepare for discussion questions and writing tasks they will be assigned in the Fall.

Call 508-358-1112, ext. 210 to schedule meetings with a tutor before school starts!