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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Failure to Launch?

Parents of young adults who are still living at home might wonder why their child is so lazy, so unmotivated! Why is he still living at home? Why won’t he get a real job?

The Dr. Phil Show recently addressed this “failure to launch”, as did the comedy movie of the same name – but both put it on the parents to change their children into independent adults who move out into the world. Dr. Phil advised parents to make their children set goals, take initiative and take responsibility for themselves.
Many young adults want to transition from life with their parents to independent living, but cannot take the steps or even envision what it would take. Especially those with ADHD or executive function disabilities find it overwhelming to come up with a life plan. They can become depressed and immobilized by their inability to make a plan and set it in motion.
How can we help these young adults set goals, delineate the steps they need to take and set out on their path to self-reliance and success? The Weaver Center’s Life and Executive Function Coach, Marla Stone, M.A., is offering a 4-week workshop for young adults which will help them define their goals, plan the steps to achieve them and learn how to navigate around obstacles they might encounter along the way. Individual coaching is also provided during the workshop, and group coaching for several months following the workshop is highly recommended to ensure accountability and progress.

The workshop takes place on Saturdays in January, 2012. Help your young adult start the year out with a plan to launch! For more information: http://www.weavercenter.org/page.asp?pg=94

This Thursday, November 17th, you will be able to ask questions of special guest Attorney Ellen J. Hutt and Dr. Robert (Buck) Weaver, Director of The Weaver Center. Attendance is FREE, so come find out everything you need to know about special education law and issues around how to advocate for your child at school! The group starts at 7:00 pm and meets in the conference room at The Weaver Center, 30 Boston Post Road, 2nd floor, Wayland. (behind the Gulf station)